Local Products


Dog Collars

It doesn’t get any better than this. You will only find these handmade collars through PAWS. This amazing product is a coated webbing with a flexible substrate that feels like soft leather. It wipes clean and dry in seconds. Never a stink to put up with, ever….guaranteed! Many fun and vibrant

colors to choose from. These collars can be easily adapted to work with e-collars, fence collars, bark collars, along with many other types of training collars. Collars are $25 andleashes (upon request) are $28.  100% of the proceeds goes directly back to PAWS.

All of our collars are for sale at the locations listed below.  Or you can email us and we would be happy to send one to you.

Pet Food Warehouse
Doggie Styles
The Grooming Shoppe
Oh My Dog
Guys Farm & Yard
Litchfield Pet Supply
Play Dog Play

Baby Alpaca Adult Hats

These lovely, locally handmade cable knit hats are made with baby alpaca andfine merino wool. They are a must have. They are super soft, comfy and so warm. Several beautiful colors and two styles to choose from.  100% of the proceeds goes directly back to PAWS. If you are interested in purchasing one of our hats, send us an email.

Cabot Cows

You can find this adorable herd at the Cabot Creamery Co-operative retail shops.  These kids hats were made specifically for Cabot. You will only find them at one of their retail shops.

Market Bags

These 100% cotton, reusable bags are not only great for the market, but for the kids, beach, yoga, pets……for just about anything. 100% of the proceeds goes directly back to PAWS. Market Bags are $10 each. If you are interested in purchasing one, send us an email.

PAWS*** June 7, 2018